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Chapter 9 - Celebrating 20 Years Sharing My Love of Yoga With You

So after 20 years of teaching yoga what is the next great adventure and the truth is I don't know. I've discovered about myself that I'm not one to think too far into the future of my life which seems ironic since I'm constantly juggling dates and planning. If I had to say when that really changed for me I would have to look back to chapter 6 where I shared with you the tragic accident on our family farm. I think it was then that the fragility of life became a truly lived and life-changing experience and from that point have tried to live my life to the fullest and not look to far ahead, to embrace the small moments, the sunsets, the time with family, the hugs from loved ones and the fun and laughter shared with friends, the glasses of wine around an outdoor fire on a wintery night, the full moons, the rainbows, the swims ...............

I've learnt that life continues to throw curve balls at the most inopportune times - yet within them I have often experienced some of my greatest pain and personal growth. This year there have been lives taken away far too quickly and suddenly and the heartbreak that death and loss leave behind. But these lives were rich and full for their years. I"ve seen precious twins born on a highway at 26 weeks continue to fight to survive and take their next breath, along with vast changes in my own children, my relationship and those around me - everything continues to evolve and we can fight to stay the same or we can embrace the change that surrounds us with as much courage as we can muster. There are no guarantees - we only have the moment we find ourselves in and within that our yoga practice the yamas teach us to remain "unattached" to practice Aparigraha. Sometimes those moments are hard, super hard, but moving forward is the only option.

So in this year of reflection I have rediscovered a lot about myself . Going back I have been able to see that in the darkest moments of life have come the greatest opportunities for growth. Lots of times when I wanted to run away from the pain and others where I felt strong enough to embrace it. My yoga and faith in the universe has led me on an incredibly fulfilling journey (so overused I know) but it's just a word that works. When I talk yoga I speak of more than just the physical, and as you know my deepest connection to self exists with the breath. It is a powerful tool, I have witnessed it's miracles and ability to transform people and situations and my faith in it will remain with me until my own final breath.

I am passionate about #realpeoplerealyoga and that #peacestartswithme and these are only achieved when we break down the lycra clad yogi and the ultimate physicality that the world has come to expect and come back into connection to the "space within", this place where we act, breathe, move, love, live from a place that is deeper than a headstand and twisted pretzel yoga asana can ever help us achieve.

So I plan on teaching, sharing, offering adventures and experiences for as long as I'm blessed to be able to. Each and every person who has ever engaged with me around yoga has left a little piece of themselves behind. We do this. We share tiny things without even realising and it is one of the greatest gifts as humans we offer is this silent precious connection.

I want to love more, care more, share more and stay true to myself and my own yoga practice. I continue to be like the lotus flower, planted in the mud but continues to struggle through the often muddy waters of life to reach the nourishment of the sunshine and the rain.

Thank you for being part of my Selah Yoga experience and for stepping back with me over the past 20 years revisiting so many huge parts of my life. It has been an honour to share them with you and I thank you for reaching out to me from time to time.

May blessings and peace flow .........

love Kaz


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