Sit & Stretch Chair Yoga


5.30pm Hatha Yoga

7.00pm Average Joe-Ga

(perfect class for men only)

Classes are held at the

Barraba Golf Club on Trevallyn Rd




9.45am Hatha Yoga

11.30am Sit & Stretch Chair Yoga

5.45pm Hatha Yoga






Classes held in the

Uniting Church Hall,

Strafford Street, Manilla



9:30am Hatha with a hint of Yin
5:30pm Hatha with a hint of Yin
6:45pm Average Joe-Ga
(perfect class for men only)
Classes are held at

The Gwydir Health Hub,

Maitland Street, Bingara


Utilising a chair, Sit & Stretch Yoga is perfect for anyone preparing for surgery (pre-habilitation), recovering from injury or illness, or with mobility issues, disabilities, or weight/age-related issues to practice yoga without the need to get down onto the floor.  We use all the same concepts and poses as a regular yoga class and change them to make them more accessible to everyone regardless of age and ability.  These one hour classes assist in increasing flexibility, range of movement, strength and balance as well as offering breathing and relaxation to reduce stress and tension and encourage improved sleep.  






Hatha is a style of yoga which focuses on building physical strength as well as cultivating harmony, mentally and emotionally.  Join me as we work with the body into postures and breathing/ relaxation  techniques towards calming the mind, strengthening the body and nourishing the soul.  


HATHA with a Hint of  YIN

Combining the traditional Hatha class with the beautiful, longer-hold floor based asanas giving the body time to really relax into each shape as your slowing breath allows.



As part of tailoring yoga classes to suit student's needs, Kaz loves to chat to all new yoga students. To make a booking with Selah Yoga, contact Kaz by phone or email today.


"I enjoy every aspect of yoga, I find such inner peace & true self worth when i do a yoga class. I feel very comfortable in the group class & it is a lovely group of people, i really enjoy the relaxation at the end of the class .

Yoga has benefited me in numerous ways
*Being more flexible 
*Building stronger muscles 
*Being less stressed 
*Learning to breathe especially to  inhale positive thoughts  & exhale all negativity 
*Learning to listen to my body  
*Helps with headaches aches & pains 

We are very lucky to have you Karen as our Yoga teacher, you are a  wonderful teacher. Your  attitude towards teaching is so caring  & the way you explain   & the assistance you give is outstanding. There is no judgement only encouragement and i feel so comfortable with your guidance. The Beautiful setting Yoga is held at is an added bonus & the group of people in the class are very friendly."

Om Shanti

"Karens’s yoga classes are amazing. She has a wonderful manner, vast knowledge  and  welcomes and caters for all shapes and ages. To top it off, she has the most beautiful relaxing voice. We all don’t want to leave after classes as we are so delightfully  relaxed. It is one of the highlights of our week."

L and G 


"Yoga has been the mainstay of my well-being for many years now. There is no other exercise like it, for both body & mind; and it makes no difference if you are a total beginner or an old hand – with proper guidance anyone can get great benefit from this ancient practice. I joined Karen’s yoga classes when she began teaching in Barraba. It was soon apparent how lucky we were to have someone who could deliver physical and verbal instructions clearly, explain the benefits perfectly, and be supportive, attentive, kind and encouraging to everyone in the class, no matter what their experience. Karen has the ability to be precise, technical and exacting on one hand, yet be warm, nurturing and compassionate on the other – and she can move between the two at ease. The classes have become like an extended family – fun, challenging, grounding, relaxing, and rewarding in ways you might never expect.”  


"I enjoy: Relaxed exercises in good company. 

Yoga: keeps muscle tone up. Learns to stimulate the mind.

Beneficial , health wise, a great activity by a local teacher."


(Barraba Sit & Stretch class)

I enjoy: The physical feeling of stretching muscles and the challenge of doing it a little better every week. Yoga has benefited my life:  I was getting stiff, and yoga has allowed me to loosen up and has improved my balance. I feel more confident and ready for activity. I like Karen’s peaceful leadership and her encouragement to be the best that you can be.  I also like the relaxation sessions and wind-down.