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Why I'm Crap at Meditation

I’ve been studying meditation and mindfulness more and more over recent years and while I’ve been a semi-regular practitioner for a long time one thing I’m not regular in is any regularity!

I have learnt that over the past many years of parenting with 5 children in the house there is never a perfect time that occurs every day in which something or someone isn’t needing something to be done.

So I’ve learnt to snatch moments in my day.

To create times that don’t look anything like me sitting cross-legged in lotus pose upon a cushion, hands rested upturned on my knees in some kind of zen like mode.

Sometimes it’s been me sitting in the car waiting for the kids at the bus stop, sometimes it’s just 10 breathes while standing at the clothesline (it seems it’s one of the few places I’m not followed – go figure).

At times it’s me under the shower, and other times it’s me hovering over the stove top pretending to do something when really I’m meditating and breathing! They never seem to know……….. Seconds, minutes, whatever I can grab.

You can meditate anywhere. It doesn’t need to look a certain way.

So you can see many of us through different seasons of our lives don’t have the luxury of just setting the clock at dawn and greeting the sun. Did I mention that I’m also not an ideal morning person, or a night person it would appear? Sleep has always been a priority of my successful functioning the following day.

I will say that this got easier as my children got older and there was less craziness in my household each morning. In fact those still at home are completely independent and I can see a time where I’ll have all the time I desire each morning to be one of those people who can just sit, silently, pondering, letting thoughts move past me and simply keep returning to my breath. Sadly that comes with an empty nest but that also means that my 5 little chicks are off living life and finding new challenges and adventures to be part of.

So meditation works in whatever way works for your life in whatever season it finds you in. Take the picture of perfection out of your mind. Meditation can be messy, ugly, confronting on some days, but on others it can be a dreamlike state that is worth the constant practice to dive deep into. A state where the breath is in such a suspended, relaxed state that we can't even remember when we took our last breath...........

Enjoy your journey. It’s worth the commitment even if it’s something that you befriend occasionally and then can be reacquainted to from time to time.

If you would love to learn more about bringing basic meditation into your daily life then I invite you to join me for a weekend of Meditation 101 and Yoga head here for more details

Blessings to you,



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