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If you’ve had an emotional experience during a yoga class then know that you aren’t alone. This is much more common that you might think, and generally my students will come to me after class, or maybe message me about this.

You see, when we allow the body to slow down and open it creates an opportunity for us to really feel and listen with our heart. Sometimes the things we hear aren’t always easy to process and an emotional outburst can come as a surprise, but this quietness that we find in our relaxation or meditation time, or even throughout the class can be the release of much built up energy and emotional stress within us.

I once had an experience while away at a yoga retreat where we were laying down mid-class and I just had an overwhelming sense of tears welling up within me, to the point where I just couldn’t stop crying, tears just rolling down my face. I quietly left the class and returned to my room to sob my heart out, but spoke to my teacher later that day.

Why was this happening when I was on this beautiful weekend away, in a spectacular environment, safe and in the knowledge that all was well at home with my family? Well, because my life is busy like everyone else’s, and often I flow effortlessly between activities and responsibilities and don’t even realize the pressure that this is putting on myself. Even when I feel like I’m doing it easily, there is the constant of organizing everyone else. That takes energy, both emotional and physical, and while where in the middle of it all often we don’t even notice it because it becomes our normal state of functioning. So when we do take time out for ourselves there can be an overload and once we are open to it, out it pours.

Our emotions and feelings reside not just in our minds, but manifest themselves and sit within our bodies as well. This can lead to tense muscles, headaches, shoulder tightness, depression, anxiety, stomach issues and much worse chronic illnesses.

I truly believe that the tears we don’t shed are the illnesses we create. Tears are the bodies release valve for sadness, grief, stress, anxiety and many other feelings, and allow a great cleansing to take place within the body as we begin to let our emotions go. As we do this we re-energise. We allow space within ourselves to be nourished, with self-care and loving-kindness as we move back out into the reality of our lives feeling replenished.

So next time you’re feeling a little emotional in your yoga class, don’t fight the tears, let them flow. Your body is giving you a great gift - but it is up to you to accept it.

Blessings to you,


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