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What am I really made of?

What are we really made of? Flesh, bones, blood - yes we sure are, but is there something more?

Yes there is.

There are the 5 amazing elements being; earth, water, fire, air and space that make up our planet and all that is within us. They lend themselves to a connection that is vast in what it can achieve for us in our mere human form. This living, breathing person who so often can try and alienate ourselves from the very essence of what makes us who we are finds harmony when the elements find their balance within us.

So when we consider mother earth we think of stability, grounding and setting ourselves upon a firm foundation that sees us supported through times of trial or challenge. Similar to tree pose (vrikasana) where we we root ourselves firmly into the earth and there we stay regardless of how the wind around us may impact on the branches swirling above. We may lose some leaves, some woody limbs, but we remain intact and see our challenge through. Sometimes a little wounded but ready for fresh growth to appear in our lives.

Our water element is vital in that we are made up of over 70% of fluids. If the moon is strong enough to move the oceans can you even being to imagine it's power over us.

It is the flowing nature of water that we relate to in our practice in so many ways. The water makes it's way around, over, under as it moves along it's path, just like us life is always going to be easier if we move with the flow and not fight against it. This gentle flow is sparked within our bodies as we are guided through our yoga practice enabling joints to be lubricated as cinovial fluid is able to flush through us and allow us to move more easily physically.

When we consider the fire element there is much to discern from the warmth that is created as we breath, as we move, as we energise our bodies. All of this lends itself to creating a space that allows us to be more courageous, more creative, more confident in our abilities to step one foot in front of the other as that fire in our belly is flamed and harnessed.

The air that we breath sustains us and fires the flame within, and it comes from a place of love and self-compassion. It surrounds us and has the ability to settle and calm our nervous system each and every time we just bring awareness to breath. That soothing, slow breath that tells us to relax, to calm, to just breathe as we connect to our own personal superpower of the breath.

So that space becomes not only something that we exist in but something that exists within us. It is everything from the time we take out of our lives for self care and nourishment, to the physical space that we create in our bodies throughout our practice. By strengthening and opening our bodies, to moving our focus out of our head space and reconnecting with our heart. It is in this space that we find clarity and rational thought comes to us more easily.

When we can bring awareness to these five elements balance comes into being and there can be a sense of harmony awakened within us. That is the vibration that we feel, the energy, the warmth that moves through you when the life force/prana flows freely. The lengthy sigh or ahhhhhhh that you feel as you lay in svasana sealing your practice in. That dear ones, is the magic of yoga.

Blessings to you all,


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