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Are you "coping or dealing"?

I was listening to an interesting podcast recently where Maz Compton was interviewed by Mia Freedman on "No Filter" about her reasons for taking the daily alcohol consumption out of her life as she explores in her new book "The Social Rebellion". She made a point that really stuck with me and that is - when we are just coping with life we find ourselves pushing through the daily grind of life's expectations of us, and some of us will finish the day with a drink or an addiction to some other form of distraction that takes our mind off the issues leading to the behaviour. It could be an over the top excessive focus on fitness, or diet, constantly relocating, changing jobs or throwing ourselves into some other pursuit that may not seem such a big deal, but it can also mask the problems that we are avoiding. It is only when we confront the "issues" that are causing the behaviour that we start to deal with life, instead of just cope.

Let's explore that a little deeper.

I know that throughout my life there have been times when the situations that I have found myself in have led me to cope rather than deal. Of course this is a natural response for most of us when we are under stress or facing difficulty. But through those situations I learnt a very strong lesson, in that without addressing them the issues don't go away and they will just manifest themselves in other ways in our life and may eventually force us to STOP. By way of a nervous breakdown, depression, physical debilitating illness, fractured or broken relationships, the list can go on and on in the ways that cracks can form within us.