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Real Yoga Lives Off The Mat

I know when we are on a break from our regular classes it's easy to not bother with any kind of physical yoga practice - trust me I understand that we all need to a rest from routine, but even though our bodies may be on holiday our yoga practice never needs to slow, in fact it can be enhanced. It's when we leave our mat that the true essence of yoga begins. We take the mindfulness and consciousness of our feelings and actions, and it is here that our connection with ourselves and others can really be transformative.

Start by Slowing Down and being really aware of your surrounds, the smells, the sounds, the colours, the tastes and textures of your food,

perhaps the feeling of your feet walking on the grass. Slow down how you move and leave yourself enough time so that you don't need to rush through life mindlessly bounding from one commitment to the next - build in a buffer so that you have time between these remembering that you hold enormous power in your breath.