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The Path To A Dream You Didn't Know You Had

It's strange when you realise that something you never imagined you might have just comes into your life.

It's like that for me when people ask me about the new home of Selah Yoga in The Gwydir Health Hub in Bingara. My very own yoga studio - was it always a dream to have this? Well, to be honest no. As a wandering yoga teacher moving throughout three small communities in rural NSW I actually felt entirely satisfied lugging bags of mats, straps and other paraphernalia around the countryside to my classes. But I have to say that now having one beautiful space to teach in is very special and I feel super lucky to have this opportunity.

But in saying that, I've realised that I feel as much joy and inspiration from any of my classes regardless of the location and surroundings. It is the energy that being in a space with other amazing yogis that is such a special feeling. I've said before that we feed off each other's energies and so it doesn't matter if I'm standing by the river, in a rugby club, a church hall, a hospital day centre or in a purpose built studio - the positive energy is the same. The power of the breath still flows, it still has the power to change the feel of a space, the power to open a tight and emotionally hardened heart as well as soothing our bodies in a way nothing else does.

So sometimes the paths that lie ahead of us aren't always a lifelong dream - something that was never expected then opens up the opportunity and before you know it life has evolved into something you didn't even know you needed or that you desired. But something that is built as a way to serve a community, to share the beautiful energy of one-another and create a space where nourishment, strength and calm are the aims. Now that sounds like heaven to me.........

Blessings to you all,


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