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Students are the Real Teachers

I have just had the extreme privilege of facilitating an eight week program called Sit & Stretch – or Chair Yoga.

This amazing group of students in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s have lifetimes of knowledge and wisdom to impart, not only to me, but to those around them.

Yes, they have walked many steps, and lifted many things, and their bodies are often aching and dealing with the aftermath of physical stress, injury or illness. But it is through their life experiences that comes the true sharing. It is in these moments that I absorb so much.

I have learnt in my 20 plus years of yoga experience that the teacher is the real student. My knowledge gain has come through my interaction with each and every student who has ever joined me on the mat. It’s one thing to have the qualifications, go on retreats, study & read extensively, but if you can’t put those things into practice and connect with each student then the real worth is minimal.

Every time someone walks into a class, they come with a different energy based on what they have experienced that day or since their last visit, which impacts on their yoga journey for that class. This then sways my teaching. So each class, each person, each moment is very different and a Yoga Teacher must be able to flow with the class practicing what we teach - to be open and mindful of our ever-changing environment.

Teaching Sit & Stretch is no different. When I added up the years of knowledge in the room, there were more than 2000 years. Now that’s a long, long time. That’s a lot of stories, a lot of tears and so much joy and laughter. These classes have a been a true reflection of those years and I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to join these students on the beginning of their yoga journey – proving that it’s never too late to start something new, or learn to breathe again. Thank you to each and everyone of you for trusting me in this way. I feel truly blessed.

Blessings to you,


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