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In my latest program - Introduction to Yoga - we are learning with yoga that the small steps are what count. Everyone comes to yoga with different expectations and experiences, and what is most important is to be able to learn to understand and accept the strengths and weaknesses of ourselves through getting to know the body and mind.

Yoga classes bring together a group of diverse people, all ages, all abilities and meld us into a lovely group of people that share the journey. Regardless of what we bring to class, there is always somewhere to go, a new challenge, something to master and all with small steps. Muscles and joints need time to adjust to new things, and then muscle memory can take over as we allow ourselves to learn and practice.

This is equally important for our minds, as our brains build new memories and abilities, or perhaps retrain old ones. This inner strength comes from taking the first step and making a decision to thoroughly respect the body that you have and to give it the best chance of remaining fit and healthy throughout the span of life regardless of age. This can sometimes come with personal challenges if you are recovering from an injury or health condition, or perhaps you are living with a disability. Physical activity seems to be the one thing that can be prescribed which seems to assist all areas of health even if it’s just for social reasons. I once knew of a woman who attended a regular yoga class and then during a period of serious illness was unable to attend or in fact even practice anything at home. Instead, she imagined that she was doing yoga. She claimed it to be part of her recovery, as she listened to relaxing music, the sound of the instructors voice and visualised herself doing the sequences that she could bring to mind. Just the thought processes and calming breath used were incredibly helpful in getting her back to full health and returning to her regular classes. The power of the mind really is something else.

Blessings to you,


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