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Be the Healthiest Version of Yourself

It’s that time again when we look to start the year on a positive note and perhaps start anew, give up other things that aren’t bringing us joy and maybe, just maybe, consider some of the experiences of 2016 and what we may have learnt from those.

January sees us constantly bombarded with magazine covers, titles and television programs that encourage us to lose weight, give up smoking, learn to meditate, and get fit to achieve the “perfect you”. All of these just turn into massive pressure for self-judgement and analysis, somehow making us feel, well, less than perfect in our own skins. Not such a great way to start the year in my opinion.

So perhaps on your landscape is, like me, a view to just being the “healthiest version of you” that you can possibly be. I love this because it opens up so many options. It doesn’t necessarily have to be any of those things I listed above, but what it does mean is that we look to review ourselves and move toward making positive changes that so that we can experience the best of what our body and mind can be, and in turn relationships and our experience with our community. It can be as simple as drinking more water each day, having one less cup of coffee, catching up with a friend each week, starting a journal – the possibilities are endless.

I gave up the idea long ago that I was ever going to wear size 10 jeans and look fantastic in the same clothes as my much slimmer sister did. Like many, I have grown into myself with an acceptance of who I am, who and what makes me feel great and who and what don’t. (I think that in itself is another blog subject)

2017 will bring with it unknown challenges, joy and for some incredible sadness and stress, but it is when we are at our most balanced, grounded and healthiest we have the reserves that better equip us to deal with this rollercoaster we call life and support those around us on their ride as well.

I wish you all a year that sees love, peace and calmness come into your lives in ways you hadn’t expected and understanding of the strength of your breath that resides within you.

Blessings to you, Karen

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