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Namaste yoga friends.

Allow me to personally welcome you to the Selah Yoga website where you will find information about our current classes and retreats, and exciting new adventures that lay ahead. I hope that you will join with me in my passion to find harmony in our lives, promote a healthy body image, inner strength and work toward a meditative lifestyle, even amidst the chaos and craziness that can often reign.


Selah (pro: see-lar) means to pause – and it is the small moments in life where we pause where we really start to be able to find stillness within when all around can be out of control. I have been teaching yoga since 2004 and the foundation of my practice combines the physical aspects of yoga, with acceptance of oneself offering

self care and loving kindness : physical, mental and emotional with the aim to be the healthiest version of me that is possible. (see blog for more of that topic.)

I am mother to five cherubs and happy wife to JB, amidst the washing, the working, the supporting, the loving and the learning, my passion is yoga and making it real and accessible to all – regardless of shape, size and age. We are all different – let’s embrace it. Welcome and thank you for sharing in this adventure of life. I look forward to your questions and comments. If you can’t find what you are looking for then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via by clicking here or calling.







Term 2 - 2021




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Nourish your Heart, Mind and Body

With our Selah Yoga Sequence Videos and Audio

View our Selah Yoga Videos so you can follow along under the careful guidance of Karen as she demonstrates each movement.


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"I joined Karen’s yoga classes when she began teaching in Barraba. It was soon apparent how lucky we were to have someone who could deliver physical and verbal instructions clearly, explain the benefits perfectly, and be supportive, attentive, kind and encouraging to everyone in the class, no matter what their experience. 


Karen has the ability to be precise, technical and exacting on one hand, yet be warm, nurturing and compassionate on the other – and she can move between the two at ease. The classes have become like an extended family – fun, challenging, grounding, relaxing, and rewarding in ways you might never expect.”  

Relaxation and Nourishment

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